Sunday, 8 May 2011

A new begining

There are firsts for everything,
Your first smile,
Your first words,
Your first steps.

Throughout life we are experiencing firsts, and if we arent, then we arent living. If we dont try things, we wont ever know what could be. Ive only had 18 years of firsts, but I feel like ive run out of things to try. So Ive set up this blog, And everyday I will try and have some sort of experience for the first time. Ive discovered that I hardly know who I am anymore and need to find myself.

Im determined to do something in life, I want to be known for something good, something that I enjoy, and im going to make sure that that happens, Im not sure what life is all about, but hopefully, overtime, I will learn. through experiences, people and everything inbetween.
If anyone wants to help me with ideas to experince, or life lessons to share, please comment.
I know im only young, and I know im only one, but i feel like I can make a difference to someone, somehow.

So thats my challenge, and hopefully, by this time next year, I will have learnt a few things, gained new friends and have a few stories to tell.

Love G.

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